Everything You Need for the Children's Christmas Program--At Your Fingertips!

Christmas Service Resource Pack - A Night like No Other

“That was the best Christmas program yet!” Parents will be eager to let you know how much they appreciate this year’s Children’s Christmas service, and you can receive the compliment with a smile, knowing it didn’t wring every last...

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  • Customize the service (it’s in a Word document) and make it easy to assign parts and change songs
  • Elementary and Preschool levels help you put together the right part for everyone
  • Original song is easy to teach using the sheet music and audio files
  • Make the central message captivating with the read-along video or PowerPoint
  • *Save time with the helps for planning, costumes, and advertising

A Night like No Other Christmas Service is ready for you to download right now. For free.

This Christmas, point your kids back to the source of it all--Jesus!

  • Scripts, songs, and scores
  • Engage Your Kids in Telling the Christmas Story!
  • FREE downloadable
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People encountered Jesus for the first time on A Night like No Other. Share this truth with all your children in a fun way.

This fully illustrated softcover book freshly retells the Christmas Story. It's a heartwarming and encouraging gift for every child and family this season, whether for guests or in Sunday School. Plus, you'll get a FREE goodie bag with every book!