Strong in the Lord® Gifts for Women


The LORD is my strength and song. Exodus 15:2

This rejoicing verse is from the song of the Israelites after they had crossed the Red Sea and were delivered from the Egyptian army’s pursuit. They sang “unto the LORD” for literally saving their lives with His extraordinary act of protection. And it’s a song that resonates today for God’s people. We were dead in our sins, but by His strong hand, God made a way for our salvation. He did this through the life, death, and resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Because of Jesus’ finished work, we all have a song to sing!

Women seek strength in many different areas of life. Going through illness, living out God’s Word in the secular culture, raising Christian children—women need God’s strength and guidance in these areas and others. Where can a woman turn in the face of fear and adversity? Through Jesus, God is her constant protector and comforter. She can find strength in the Lord!

CTA's Strong in the Lord® Christian gifts for women will help women realize the strength they have through God, our Father.  Affordable, meaningful, Christ-centered, Scripture-based gifts are perfect for women's ministries and churches.