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Words and Actions

CTA - Christ to All /May. 12, 2021
Words and Actions

By Gail Marsh

Try this guessing game with the children in your ministry: 

Have the children sit around you, and then say: I’d like you to play a guessing game with me. I will perform some actions and say some words, and you try to guess what I’m acting out. Do not shout out your guess. Raise your hand instead. Ready? Act out these three identities: 

  • Use words and actions to convey the idea that you are a student. You might pretend to read a book or concentrate deeply. You can say things like: I need to get a good grade on this test. I like learning new things. 
  • Use words and actions to convey the idea that you are a baseball player. Say things like: I can hit this out of the park! Swinging a bat. Catch a fly ball. Run to first base. 
  • Use words and actions to portray a taxi driver. You might say, I’ll get there as quickly as I can! Where do you want to go? That will be $3.45. Pretend to drive. Wave to people along your route. Check your rearview mirror and adjust it. 

Thank the students for playing the guessing game. How did you figure out who I was pretending to be? Through the words and actions. Your words and actions tell others who you are, too—even when you’re not playing a game! It’s true! People all around you see what you do and hear what you say. God helps us live as his children, using kind words and loving, helpful actions. What kinds of things could you do to be helpful to someone you know? Pause to let children answer. That’s right! Those are great ideas! Jesus, the King of kings, will help you say and do things that honor God. Jesus makes you his own, a warrior of faith! 

Let’s pray about that together. Repeat my words after me:

Dear Jesus/

Thank you/

For making me a child of God./

Help me say and do/

Good things that honor you./

In your name./



Editor’s note: Today’s devotional is adapted from the Esther section of Warriors of Faith 5-Part Kids Event Outline.