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God Helps You to Be a Warrior of Faith!

CTA - Christ to All /Apr. 14, 2021
God Helps You to Be a Warrior of Faith!

By Gail Marsh

(You will need these items: a kitchen spatula, a hammer, a driver’s license, and a Bible. Place them together inside a paper bag.) 

I have a little guessing game for you. (Reach inside the bag and reveal the kitchen spatula.) Can you guess what I’m planning to do with this? That’s right! I am going to cook. Is this spatula the only thing I need in order to cook? (Let students speculate. You’ll also need a bowl, ingredients, possibly an oven.) Having just a spatula isn’t enough! I need more if I want to be a real cook! (Set aside the spatula.) 

(Bring out the hammer.) Can you guess what I’m planning to do with this tool? Yes! I’m planning to build something. Hmmm, maybe I’ll build a doghouse. But wait! Is a hammer everything I’ll need? No! I will need nails and wood. I might need a level and other tools, too. Having only a hammer won’t make me a builder, will it? (Set the hammer aside.) 

(Reach into the bag and bring out the driver’s license.) Can you guess what I’m planning to do with this driver’s license? I’m taking a trip! Is this driver’s license the only thing I need to take a trip? Of course not! I may need maps and money for gas. Oh! And I’ll need a vehicle—a car or truck or motorcycle, won’t I? Having just a driver’s license won’t make me a traveler at all! 

(Hold up the bag, now containing just the Bible, but do not reveal the contents.) Can you believe that everything I need as a warrior of faith is inside this bag? It’s true! Absolutely everything I need is inside this one bag! Would you like to see? (Reveal the Bible.) It’s the Bible. The Bible is God’s Word. 

In this very special book, God says to you, “I love you!” In the Bible, God says, “I will always be with you!” God tells us in the Bible, “I sent my Son, Jesus to be your Savior! He died and came alive again to take away your sins—every one of them!!” God says to you: “I have made you my warrior of faith.” 

When we read and study the Bible, God gives us the courage we need as warriors of faith. He gives us confidence and trust in him. He gives us wisdom and teaches us more about how to live for him. Everything warriors of faith need is right here! 

(Pray about it:) Dear heavenly Father, thank you for making us warriors of faith through faith in Jesus, our Savior. Use your Word to make us stronger, more and more confident and courageous as we trust in him to provide everything we need. Teach us more and more about how to live as your forgiven, precious children. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen. 


Editor’s note: Today’s devotion is slightly adapted from the Warriors of Faith 5-Part Kids Event Outline.