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Father's Day

The Power of a Simple Father’s Day Gift

CTA - Christ to All /May. 06, 2024
The word DAD spelled out in balloons on top of ties to advertise Christian Father's Day gifts

By CTA—Christ to All

Father’s Day is a day of celebration, a day of reflection, a day of looking forward, and a day of encouragement for every father (and really, every man) in your church.

For Father’s Day, your pastor might prepare a sermon that will deliver God’s passion for fathers straight to their ears and to their hearts. You may host a special meal, ask people to write encouraging notes, or hold a special men’s ministry event.

But how can you continue to share God’s heart for every man well beyond the church activities on Father’s Day? Here lies the power of a simple Father’s Day gift! Yes, it’s a simple idea—giving men a little something for Father’s Day—but the impact can be profound. 

A Powerful Message

You don’t want just an ordinary, generic Father’s Day gift. You want something that reinforces your focus as a church: the resurrected Christ. While any gift communicates to your men that you love them, you want to give them something that will make a positive, spiritual contribution to their life—something that will benefit them eternally.

The beautiful thing is you can give men something with a Scripture-based message. It could be something as direct as a devotion book or as subtle as a travel mug. What they both have in common is a powerful message. It is not the metal or paper of a gift that makes an impact; it’s the words of truth placed in or on the item. In this way, gifts minister to your men year-round.

That’s why CTA has created Father’s Day gifts that all center around the transformative power of faith in Christ for the life of every man. Our products are supercharged with grace-centered messages.

An Ongoing Encouragement

A Father’s Day gift fortifies men every day they see it. People learn by repetition, as they see and hear something over and over again. Think of the repeated refrains of your pastor (or you if you’re the pastor!) that you hear week in and week out. While you remember some sermons years later, you’ll probably forget the vast majority of what your pastor preaches. However, what you will remember is what he says repeatedly.

A gift functions in the same way. As men repeatedly see and use that Scripture-inscribed keychain, the multi-tool imprinted with encouragement, or the mug proclaiming God’s love, the messages percolate into their hearts. A Christian Father’s Day gift is like rainwater that trickles into a cave, filling it to the brim over a period of consistent time.

A Complement to Your Ministry

The most important way to minister to your men throughout the year is your men’s ministry, but that doesn’t exclude resources to come alongside your man-to-man ministry.

A Father’s Day gift is not a replacement for a human touch but a complement to it. An item with a Scripture verse is far less powerful if it’s not paired with loving care and a faithful proclamation of the Word. A gift is an extension of your ministry—it gently proclaims the truth to men throughout the day, when men aren’t with their brothers in Christ. That’s why your Father’s Day gifts should also remind and encourage guests or the unengaged to find community with other men.

A practical item like a multi-tool or coffee mug ministers to your men through the content of God’s Word. In a deeper way, Father’s Day gifts point men towards deeper fellowship with each other and their Lord as they pursue ultimate unity (Ephesians 4:13).