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Safety for Volunteers

CTA - Christ to All /Jul. 14, 2020
Safety for Volunteers

As you think about a women’s event for the fall, whether it be in person or online, keep your volunteers in mind:

  • Ask them to let you know their level of comfort regarding social contact.
  • Design ways to help in any circumstances (include safety precautions per your local guidelines):
    • In-person
      • Registration table
      • Lead devotion
      • Lead or help with craft
      • Prepare or serve food
      • Set up or clean up
    • From home
      • Pray for the leaders and women who will attend
      • Call or email women and encourage them to attend
      • Prepare craft supplies in advance
      • Prepare food that can be picked up by someone
      • Follow up with anyone new who attended and invite her to stay connected to the group.

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