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Je-sus, Loves You – A Well-Known Game with a Twist

CTA - Christ to All /Feb. 24, 2021
Je-sus, Loves You – A Well-Known Game with a Twist

By Kristin Schultz 

This is a variation on the classic swimming pool game, Marco Polo. You’ll need a blindfold and an open area for children to spread out. One child is IT and is blindfolded. The rest of the children should spread out around the person who is IT. 

The child who is IT will say, “Je-sus.” And the rest of the children will respond, “loves you.” The object of the game is for the blindfolded child to follow the voices and gently tag someone who then becomes IT. 

As the activity comes to a close, say Sometimes we have questions about life, or we feel lost, like we are blind and don’t know where to turn. But Jesus is always there for us! He loves us and cares for us! We’ll never be alone!


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