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God Is Good

CTA - Christ to All /May. 01, 2021
God Is Good

By Cherie Werner 

May 6th is the National Day of Prayer. What a privilege we have to come to our heavenly Father in prayer anytime we want. He is always there, always listening, always ready and willing to help. He knows what we need before we ask and showers us with blessings we often don’t recognize. Take some time this month to thank God for just some of the gifts he has poured out and ask him to help you grow in appreciation and gratitude for his goodness to you. 

May 1 Thank God for music. Ask him to put a song in your heart today.

May 2 Thank God for sunshine. Ask him to help you be more intentional about spending time with his Son.

May 3 Thank God for salvation. Ask him to give you a fresh sense of joy for the gift of his salvation.

May 4 Thank God for his Word. Ask him to give you a deeper desire to read it and share it.

May 5 Thank God for laughter. Ask him to lighten your heart today.

May 6 Thank God for prayer. Ask him to align your heart with his will.

May 7 Thank God for freedom. Ask him to help those who are being persecuted for their faith.

May 8 Thank God for the blessings in your life. Ask him to open your eyes to see more of what he has done for you.

May 9 Thank God for mothers. Ask God to encourage them.

May 10 Thank God for children. Ask God to give you a heart that trusts him with the wonder of a child.

May 11 Thank God for joy. Ask him to fill your heart with true and lasting joy because of what Jesus has done for you.

May 12 Thank God for faith. Ask God to deepen and strengthen your faith in him.

May 13 Thank God for family. Ask God to strengthen your family relationships.

May 14 Thank God for nature. Ask him to show you something new today.

May 15 Thank God for truth. Ask him to help you know and live in his truth.

May 16 Thank God for friends. Ask God to deepen your friendships.

May 17 Thank God for light. Ask him to warm your heart and open a door for you to share his light with someone else.

May 18 Thank God for your body. Ask him to help you glorify him with your body.

May 19 Thank God for love. Ask him for a deeper understanding of his incredible love for you.

May 20 Thank God for the changing of the seasons. Praise God for never changing.

May 21 Thank God for the way he made you. Ask him to help you point to him in all that you say and do.

May 22 Thank God for working in your life. Ask him to help you be patient and to grow closer to him through the process.

May 23 Thank God for peace. Ask him to give you his peace in times of trouble.

May 24 Thank God for his amazing grace for you. Ask him to help you have more grace for others.

May 25 Thank God for being an intimate and personal God. Ask him to help you know him better.

May 26 Thank God for caring about all the little things that matter to you. Ask him to help you see things

from his perspective.

May 27 Thank God for his provision. Ask him to help you see the difference between need and want.

May 28 Thank God for the gifts and talents he has given you. Ask him to help you use them to advance his Kingdom.

May 29 Thank God for forgiveness. Ask him to help you freely receive it and freely give it.

May 30 Thank God for the Holy Spirit. Ask him to help you follow the Spirit’s leading.

May 31 Thank God for always being with you. Ask him to help you trust him more.