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Father's Day

Gifts to Create a Fun Father’s Day Church Celebration

CTA - Christ to All /May. 06, 2024
A Christian man shows his young son how to hammer

By CTA--Christ to All

Fathers come in all shapes and sizes, varieties and variations. Some fathers are the strong, silent type while others are sensitive and chatty. Some fathers show their love with hugs while others say “I love you” by fixing things and providing for their family. Some fathers are grill masters and pancake perfectionists while others figure out how to boil water. Some fathers love a day on the links or the lake while others want nothing more than an afternoon in the easy chair. 

Despite all the differences in dads, they deserve our celebration and encouragement—especially around Father’s Day. Since every father is unique, it can be difficult to figure out the right gift to create a fun Father’s Day church celebration. Here are seven ideas for how to make a memorable celebration that is as unique and special as your father! 

  1. Do something together. Life can be so hectic and hurried that there is seldom time to just be together. A gift such as a family conversation starter is a great way to facilitate family time together. As a church, consider hosting a special pancake breakfast celebration or something similar so fathers can be together with their families. This makes for a great setting for giving that family conversation starter gift. 
  2.  Give a small gift of appreciation. Let’s be honest—can any gift really express the full gratitude that we have for fathers? No way. A small gift such as a faith token or some other symbolic gift of appreciation can be a tangible reminder of love and appreciation for dad. As a church, these gifts of appreciation can be given in conjunction with a special Father’s Day message or celebration of godly fathers. In this way, the emphasis is not on the gift itself; instead, the emphasis is on the message and meaning that the gift represents. Every time he sees that faith token, he will remember the message and celebration that went with it. 
  3. Provide space for reflection and prayer. Dads have feelings too. While men may not always be the best at verbalizing it, a prayer book or journal makes for a great Father’s Day gift. These gifts provide a space for men to reflect on God’s calling in their lives as husbands, fathers, brothers, and neighbors. In a church, this gift can be shared along with a special celebration prayer in worship. 
  4. Stretch Dad’s intellect. Hearing God’s Word in new and invigorating ways is always a hit for Father’s Day. Consider a new book or devotional that will stretch dad’s intellect this Father’s Day. Even better, buy two copies of the devotional so that you and your father can read and discuss the book together. In a church, these devotionals can make for great Bible studies or men’s group gatherings.
  5. Help Dad help you! Many fathers use acts of service to express their love. Fixing things for the family or around the house is something that many people associate with fathers. A multitool or screwdriver set can be a great way to say thank-you to any fix-it father. To make this gift more personal, include a personal note of appreciation. 
  6. Handmade is heart-made. Do not underestimate the value of a handmade card or craft as a Father’s Day gift. Though it may have backwards letters and simple stick-figure drawings, dads will see this as work of art from the heart. Consider setting up a Father’s Day card-making station for children at your church ahead of Father’s Day. This gives children an opportunity to show their appreciation for God’s gift of godly men. 
  7. Pray for Dad! This last one is free . . . and priceless! Praying for fathers is one of the most important ways to honor and appreciate their influence on our lives. These prayers can be part of the worship of the church on Sunday as well as the individual prayers of people each day. Be sure to let dads know that they are being lifted up in prayer! 

God’s Word tells us, “Oh give thanks to the LORD; call upon his name; make known his deeds among the peoples!” (1 Chronicles 16:8 ESV). As your church makes its plans for a Father’s Day celebration, let these ideas inspire you to give thanks to the Lord for good and godly dads!