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Easy, Creative Projects to Celebrate Faith All Year Long

CTA - Christ to All /Jul. 19, 2023
Easy, Creative Projects to Celebrate Faith All Year Long

By CTA-Christ to All

God has given you—as a children’s ministry leader—a love for children and a deep desire to encourage and help grow their faith. Certain times of the year lend themselves to faith activities with little effort. Other times are a bit more challenging; however, CTA has a wide range of helpful resources just waiting for you. We want to help you plan and prepare creative projects to celebrate faith all year long. 


Month-by-Month Projects to Celebrate Faith in Children’s Ministries 


  • Help students start the new year "Walking with Jesus" and knowing that he can give them the power they need to make it through each day. 


  • Share God's A-MAZE-ing Love with families.
  • Give students a chance to learn more about God's love for them and share it with their friends.
  • Let them enjoy this fun “Jesus Loves Me” puzzle. 



  • Give students a chance to celebrate Christ’s resurrection with some Easter crafts.
  • Invite your community to an Easter egg hunt and share the Gospel with families in a fun and exciting way.
  • If a community egg hunt feels too big to you, host a smaller version for your church family. Fill eggs with small prizes and messages of hope that children can share with their neighbors. Give each child two Easter books, one to keep and one to give away. 


  • As school winds down and the weather warms up, you might have little bits of time where children need a quick activity before moving on to something else. Try these faith-focused Minute Fillers .
  • Give students a small gift to help keep their minds focused on Jesus during summer break. 


  • Give out activity books before VBS and award prizes to those who bring completed books back to VBS.
  • Keep the joy of VBS going for your students by sending them home with a fun activity book.        


  • Give your students a summer challenge. Encourage them to learn more about the Bible and grow their faith with one of these dog tag books.
  • Enjoy the summer sun and Dive into God’s Word! 


  • Host a school kickoff party for families. Pray with them, encourage them, and just have fun before school starts. Send home these fun, faith-focused backpacks to help students start the school year knowing Jesus will be with them all along the way.           



  • Help children understand the Gospel with some fall fun! Use The Pumpkin Prayer as a starting point to explain how Jesus forgives our sins and gives each of us a new life.
  • Don’t know what to do about Halloween? Try out some of these fall festival ideas. 


  • Help inspire gratitude in the hearts of children and parents by trying some of the ideas in this
  • Give children real heroes to follow by introducing Bible characters with these fun collectibles


  • Encourage families to prepare to celebrate Jesus’ Birthday in a special way with this Christmas Tree Activity.
  • Share the joy of baby Jesus with even the littlest ones in your church family. 


This list is just a sampling of all that CTA has to offer. We hope you take time to explore our website at ctainc.com for all of your ministry needs. 

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