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Easter Is Coming! – Four Ways to Get Kids Thinking about Easter

CTA - Christ to All /Feb. 17, 2021
Easter Is Coming! – Four Ways to Get Kids Thinking about Easter

By Kristin Schultz 

Pique children’s interest with Easter-focused conversations and activities like these: 

  • Show the children a rock and ask them to describe it—hard, round, cold, bumpy, and the like. Ask: Would this rock be fun to have as a pet? Why not? (Accept responses.) This rock wouldn’t be a good pet because it can’t play with you. You can’t take it for a walk. It’s not very cuddly. It doesn’t do anything. It just sits there. A rock wouldn’t make a very good pet because it’s not alive! At Easter, we celebrate that Jesus is alive! He died on Good Friday and his disciples thought he would stay dead, but on Easter morning they discovered he was alive! Because Jesus is alive, he is with you always. He cares for you and is your very Best Friend. Happy Easter! Jesus is alive! 
  • Put a candy wrapper or other piece of trash inside a plastic Easter egg. In another egg, put a piece of candy. Give the egg with the trash to a child and ask him or her to open it. Say, Well? What do you think? Isn’t this a great surprise? What’s wrong? (Accept reasonable responses.) Would it be better if I took the trash and gave you something better? (Accept response. Then take the trash and give the child the egg with the candy or treat in it.) This is what Jesus did for us. When he died on the cross, he took our trash, our sins, the bad things we do, and he took them away. He gave us back something great! He gave us forgiveness and friendship and life with him in heaven forever. What a gift! 
  • Show the children some seeds and ask them to describe the seeds—tiny, brown, round or oval, and the like. Ask, If I want these seeds to grow into flowers, what should I do? (Accept responses.) That’s right. I have to dig a hole, put the seeds in the ground, cover them with dirt, and water them, right? If I want the seeds to live, I have to bury them first. That’s what happened with Jesus. He died and was buried in the tomb. But just like these seeds won’t stay buried, Jesus didn’t stay buried either. He rose on Easter and is still alive and with us today! One day we will be with him in heaven forever! 
  • Fill three plastic Easter eggs in the following manner: put a paper cross in one, a small rock in the second, and nothing in the third. Write the numbers 1, 2, and 3 on each egg. Ask a child to open egg number 1 and describe what’s inside. Say, That’s right. The cross reminds us that Jesus died on the cross for our sins. Ask another child to open egg number 2 and describe what’s inside. That’s right. It’s a rock. The rock reminds us that Jesus was buried in a tomb and a huge rock was rolled in front of the tomb so no one could get in. Ask another child to open egg number 3 and describe what’s inside. What? Nothing is inside?! Why do you think that is? (Let children answer.) That’s exactly right! The tomb is empty just like this egg is empty. Jesus rose! He’s not dead; he’s alive and is with us always! 



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