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Celebrate! It's the end of the year!

CTA - Christ to All /Apr. 22, 2019
Celebrate! It's the end of the year!

By Alison Zeller

Soon school days and ministry gatherings will be replaced with pool days and BBQ gatherings--summer is coming!
As you prepare to wrap up your year of children’s ministry, take time to celebrate! The kids you serve have worked really hard this year; you have, too. Plan some fun activities for the coming weeks. Take time to laugh with your kids, celebrate their achievements, and encourage them to keep up their faith walk throughout the summer months.

  • Take a group poll and hand out awards or certificates. Use titles like “funniest student,” “amazing artist,” “best attitude,” “most creative,” “best speaker,” and the like.
  • Set up a photo booth and props. Here’s one idea and there are many, many more on the Pinterest site. Be sure to plan a way to print the pictures and get them to the kids afterward.
  • Make a slideshow with one slide dedicated to each student. Include pictures of the kids throughout the year, their summer plans, their favorite topic from the year, and the number one thing they learned. Be sure to include yourself in the slideshow, too!
  • Send your students home with a summer reading list. This one was created for secular reading goals, but you can easily create something just as fun with Bible reading goals.
  • Invite kids to write to you over the summer. This is a great way to keep in touch and keep mentoring the children in your care. (Here’s an example letter to get you started.)

What’s your favorite way to celebrate the end of the year?

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