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A Night like No Other – a free Christmas devotion for children

CTA - Christ to All /Dec. 05, 2022
A Night like No Other – a free Christmas devotion for children

(Gather items a child might take to a sleepover: toothbrush, pillow, a stuffed animal, and pajamas. Also have your Bible bookmarked at Luke 2:11 so you can find it easily during your presentation.)  

I am so excited today because I get to do something special. I brought along some things I’ll need. Can you guess what I get to do? (Show the children the toothbrush.) I will need my toothbrush. Can you guess where I’m going? (Allow children to respond and then repeat the process with each item you’ve brought, allowing the children to keep guessing where you’re going, based on the items you display.)  

You’re right! I’m going on a sleepover! It is going to be very fun! Have you ever gone on a sleepover? (Allow children to respond.) Sleepovers are special because they don’t happen very often. Normally you sleep in your own house, in your own bed. So when you get to sleep at a friend’s house or at grandma’s house, that makes it a special night!  

This time of year, we celebrate an even more special night, a very, very special night—a night like no other night. What night is that? (Again, allow the children to respond.) Right! On Christmas, we celebrate the night when God came to earth to live with us. Christmas is the night when baby Jesus was born.   

That’s what makes Christmas so special. Christmas night is a night like no other. God kept his promise to send Jesus, our Savior. So let’s talk about that special night. Let’s talk about Jesus' parents: Mary and Joseph. Mary and Joseph were in Bethlehem because the government wanted to count all the people who lived in that country. They traveled to Bethlehem to be counted. Where did Mary and Joseph spend the night? (Allow children to answer.) That’s right. Mary and Joseph had a sleepover in a stable with smelly, loud animals! The Bible tells us that when Jesus was born, there was no bed for him, so his mother, Mary, laid Jesus in a manger. A manger is a feeding trough for animals.  

Now, how about the shepherds? What were they doing on that very special night? (Allow children to answer.) Yes! They were out in the fields watching over the sheep. The shepherds probably thought it was going to be another ordinary night on the job. But what happened? (Allow children to answer.) That’s right! An angel appeared to them. Listen! (Read Luke 2:11 from your Bible or below.)   

Unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord (Luke 2:11 KJV). 

And then the whole sky was filled with angels—all praising God. What a special night that was!  

Christmas was special for the shepherds. Christmas was special for Mary and Joseph. And Christmas is special for us, too! Baby Jesus was born for us, for you! Maybe you have been mean to your brother or sister before. Maybe you have been disrespectful to your parents or to a teacher. Maybe you’ve told a lie or said bad things about your friend.   

When you do those things, you sin. We all deserve to be punished for our sins. But because God loves you, he sent a Baby—baby Jesus—to rescue you. Jesus is your Savior, your rescuer, born on a night like no other night. Baby Jesus grew up. All the years he lived on earth, Jesus obeyed God perfectly in our place. (Do you obey God perfectly? No, none of us does that! That’s why Jesus came!) Jesus died in our place and then rose from the dead for us. Now, we are forgiven! Your sins are washed away. So are mine. Everyone who believes in Jesus will live with God forever! Because of Jesus, God is your Friend forever! He’s my Friend, too! I’m so glad, aren’t you?  

I was excited about my sleepover, so I told you about it. The shepherds were excited after visiting Baby Jesus, and they couldn’t wait to tell other people what had happened.   

You and I are excited about our Savior. We get to share the happy news about Christmas with the people around us. You get to tell your friends and family that Jesus loves them and was born for them on one very special night. I’m giving each of you a (name the A Night like No Other item you will distribute). You can use it to share Jesus’ love with someone this Christmas.   

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