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Resource Pack - The Sunday Morning Miracle


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What is a miracle? A magic trick or happenstance? No! A miracle is something only God can do. It shows his great love for me and you! When Jesus’ died on the cross, his followers couldn’t see past the sadness of that day. Their Friend had died and they were alone. But God had a miracle in mind—a Sunday morning miracle! Jesus rose from the dead on that first Easter morning!

As you celebrate Easter with those in your church and community, the resources and take-home gifts from The Sunday Morning Miracle will help children learn about that first Sunday morning miracle and more fully grasp the miracle of today—that the risen Jesus is always with us!

  • Bulletin Cover
  • Flyer
  • Theme Art
  • Socially Speaking
  • Coloring Page
  • Activity Page
  • PowerPoint of Softcover Book
  • Ministry Message

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