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Explore the support behind mentoring for those in ministry, and get solid advice about mentoring and being mentored.

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Guest: Rev. Jeff Cloeter is an author and a parish pastor in St. Louis, Missouri. He’s a sixth-generation pastor whose ministry has also included camps, youth ministry, and church planting.

Introduction: Explore the support behind mentoring, and get solid advice about mentoring and being mentored.


  • In life and ministry, we benefit from those who came before us
  • Different pictures of mentoring (or discipleship—formation as a Christian leader)
    • Two poles: we often fall somewhere in between
      • Formal and institutional (academic)
      • Informal (personal and relational)
    • Apprenticeship and imitation
  • Why find time for mentoring?
    • Consider the “long game”
    • Planting the seeds for tomorrow—don’t wait!
  • How to find time
    • Multi-tasking (“never go to town alone”)
    • Align your tasks and purposes—not separate programs
  • Recommended for all pastors and leaders
    • Spend the time; get things done intentionally (and unintentionally!)
    • Think of one person—where can you bring that person to “walk” with you
    • Mimic Jesus’ ministry: both large and small groups
  • Advice for those looking for a mentoring relationship
    • List five people you’d like to learn from; ask them!
    • List people you’d like to mentor; ask them!
    • Be real, vulnerable
    • Make it personal: Who has poured into me? How can I do that for someone else?


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