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Cooperation among Local Churches

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Together we're better! Listen for great ideas in making the most of your time, energy, and other resources.

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Guest: Matthew Schultz, pastor and ministry consultant, has successfully shepherded multiple churches through times of transition and change and has helped not-for-profit agencies and churches of all sizes reimagine their ministries. Matthew currently pastors a congregation in New York state.

Introduction: During the COVID-19 pandemic, many churches have found it helpful—and a blessing—to coordinate their efforts in ministry.


  • Plan ministry together.
  • Plan worship together.
  • Build the “we’re working together” mentality and vision.
  • Decide areas of responsibility—look at strengths and weaknesses of each established church.
  • All will benefit from the strengths of each church.
  • Acknowledge separate congregations but think about “one church” with different campuses.
  • Here are just a few reasons to cooperate with other congregations:
    • Finances
    • Ministry expansion
    • Effort and energy
    • Team mentality
    • Foster excitement in potential members
    • Cross-cultural options, multiple offerings


  • What if you’re the only church of your denomination? Here’s how to work across denominational lines:
    • Join together for an event
    • Join together for a cause, for service, for community engagement
    • Consider what issues might arise; open up conversation about them!
    • Set up a joint understanding. What will we tackle? What will we avoid?


  • Cooperation gives unchurched people a view of the churches working together.
  • Cooperation can breathe new life into your ministry and yourself.

Thought Starters:

  • Is there a church or person in your community you might contact today to begin a conversation about cooperation?


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