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Women's Ministry and Sacred Cows

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Carefully help your group to move forward.

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Guest: Cyndee Ownbey, author of Rethinking Women’s Ministry: Biblical and Practical Tools for Cultivating a Flourishing Community; mentor to women’s ministry leaders through Women’s Ministry Toolbox

Introduction: Identify and deal with the “sacred cows” in your women’s ministry to move to a healthier ministry.


  • Many of these events may have lost their effectiveness and other details (for example, retreat locations, event schedules, furniture arrangements, annual table events, secret sisters, dress codes) have become the focus, instead of pointing women to Christ.
  • Women’s ministry teams often fail to acknowledge that changes might be needed
  • To minimize the disruptiveness of killing the sacred cows, consider these approaches:
    • Discuss with your team before making big changes.
    • Make small changes over time, rethinking the overall focus and the desired outcome.
    • Ask yourself: Where should the focus be, and how do we get there?
    • Ensure the staff supervisor or lead person is in agreement.
    • Get your team on board.
  • Carefully do what is necessary to ultimately reach more women and encourage their relationship with Christ.

Thought Starters:

  • Take a hard look at your women’s ministry lineup. Does it have any sacred cows?
  • What small changes could you make that would have a big impact?




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