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What Is Coaching?

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The conversation defines coaching and sets it apart from mentoring.

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Guest: David Smith

Introduction: This segment introduces the concept of coaching and distinguishes it from mentoring.


  • Mentoring in a church is related to discipling.
  • Coaching: “pulling out of you what God has placed in you”
  • Coaching relies on asking powerful questions to draw out from the other person.
  • The coaching mindset:
    • Believing people can solve their own problems
    • Helping people learn at an experiential level
    • Asking powerful questions to empower people
  • In the church we should be developing leaders. That happens through empowerment. Coaching is about empowerment and therefore, very appropriate in the church.

Thought Starters:

  • Whom are you serving as a mentor?
  • Is there someone you could be serving as a coach?
  • Would you benefit from working with a coach?


Professional Christian Coaching Today podcast (professionalchristiancoaching.com/podcast)


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