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Build men up along the way.

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Guest: John Richardson, executive pastor of discipleship at First Free Church

Introduction: Keep men’s ministry alive and thriving as you build a platform for it, lead through teams, and prepare men for leadership.


  • In a program approach to men’s ministry, the program is often defined by the interests and talents of the leader. When that leader moves on, it’s easy for the program to die.
  • Thinking about men’s ministry as a platform created around shared values, helps a church provide long-term, ongoing ministry.
    • Classes and groups can have a healthy life cycle. It’s okay if one doesn’t keep going because there will be others that are still based on the same values.
    • The values become part of the DNA of the men involved in that ministry.
    • When classes and groups are led by teams rather than a single leader, responsibilities can be shared and if one person steps out, the rest of the team is still in place.
    • Define 3-4 roles and list the competencies needed in those roles. Then help men thrive as they use their gifts.
    • Provide a roadmap for leadership—plan development.

Thought Starters:

  • What values should be foundational to our men’s ministry?
  • How can we improve our roadmap for leadership?


  • The Making of a Leader by Robert Clinton
  • Leadership Pipeline resources (search online)
  • CTA Advantage Mentoring Moments conversations with Adam Bowers:
    • Building a Leadership Pipeline
    • Training Leaders


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