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Men’s Min. Ideas for Personal Growth

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Help men grow in their relationship with the Savior.

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Guest: John Richardson, executive pastor of discipleship at First Free Church

Introduction: This segment provides practical ideas for helping your men grow personally in their relationships and faith.

Summary: Bring these ideas to your men’s ministry approach:

  • Empower men to grow—to be in control, rather than just react to their circumstances. Each man should decide what he wants for his own family relationships and his relationship with God.
  • Emphasize the role of community in growth—authentic growth rarely happens alone. Provide discussion questions regarding heart motivation, temptations, struggles, goals, progress, etc.
  • Give reminders of God’s love—that God is in control.
  • Develop a routine of personal Bible reading and prayer. Ask each man to
    • Approach God’s Word differently, not just academically
    • Begin with prayer: how will you change my heart today, God?
    • Put himself in the story, experience it

Historically, discipleship was relational. While formal Bible study is important, spiritual growth happens best in relationships.

Thought Starters:

  • What is one step you could take today to begin implementing these ideas?


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