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Look at men's ministry with a new foundation.

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Introduction: Men’s ministry programs have a tendency to grow stale and attract only a small subset of Christian men. Changing your approach to a men’s ministry platform may be just what you need to reinvigorate your ministry.


  • A men’s ministry program is limiting. Scheduled activities often lose their appeal and the program can go on and on without purpose.
  • Shift your thinking to look at it as a men’s ministry platform, a base from which various activities and projects arise.
  • Platform approach opens up a lot of opportunities. It appeals to creativity and the diversity of men in church.
  • In a platform approach, the door is open for all kinds of application, but everything remains under the main purpose and mission of men’s ministry.
  • This allows leaders to try new things.
  • Start by developing a clear picture of the values of your men’s ministry. For example, you may focus on growth, community, care, and service.
  • Your leadership team won’t design programs, but they’ll be equipping leaders to design activities that touch all of the values.
  • Start with what you already have in your men’s program. Don’t start from scratch!
  • Talk about values you want to see in the expression of men’s ministry. Start with what you are already seeing in your men.
  • As you develop the platform, let your vision trickle into the activities you are doing.
  • Evaluation is essential! Evaluate your platform according to the values you choose for your group.

Thought Starters:

  • What is the most successful activity or project in your men’s ministry program?
  • How could you build on that success in order to shift to a platform focus?


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