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Why Does a Church Need Men's Ministry

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What does men's ministry bring to a church? Ideas for how to think about goals for men's ministry.

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Introduction: What purpose does a men’s ministry serve? What is the best format and structure for men’s ministry? Listen today to get ideas and hear stories about a successful men’s ministry.


  • It’s more important than ever to help men grow in their faith and grown in relationships.
  • Men face a host of cultural challenges that make it difficult to discern what it means to really be a man.
  • There’s a huge opportunity for churches to help men to unleash their strengths and live as the people God called them to be. This is the goal of men’s ministry!
  • With a men’s ministry, churches can help men shift away from relying on today’s culture.
    • Society today gives men no path for growth.
    • Society encourages men to turn inward and find answers to their biggest questions within themselves.
  • Men’s ministry points men toward pursuing biblical discipleship.
    • Men are hungry and willing to live out the calling God has placed on their lives.
    • Men are eager to connect with authentic Christian community.
    • At the heart, men don’t want to conform to society or figure out life by themselves. This is where men’s ministry can point them to look to God for leadership and wisdom.
  • The old way of doing men’s ministry: large group gatherings that broke down to smaller groups
  • The refreshed way of doing men’s ministry: help men connect in smaller groups, form relationships, develop accountability, emphasize on discipleship—all provide deeper results!
  • Churches can empower men to live their calling according to God’s way. A men’s ministry group might be the only place men can get this, where they can grow and learn what it means to live out their faith so that it impacts culture rather than responds to culture.

Thought Starters:

  • How is your church currently encouraging men’s fellowship and relationships? What have you done in the past?
  • List the top two potential barriers to men’s ministry in your church. Brainstorm ways to overcome these barriers.


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