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Organizing Mission Trips

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How to think about the details that go into a mission trip.

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Guest: Dave Iannacone, Minister of Missions at Ridgecrest Baptist Church in Saint Charles, Missouri

Introduction: Implement a strategy to reach others—near and far—for Christ.


  • Identify people with the passion and desire to reach people for Christ.
  • Enlist volunteers:
    • Challenge people to action.
    • Don’t think that being a missionary is a spiritual gift—something you “have” or not. All are missionaries!
  • Feed people with resources and opportunities; help them see the options.
  • Get support from those who aren’t actively going on mission: prayer, finances, other activities.
  • Develop a budget so you can maintain your commitments.
  • Manage the partnerships with those you serve.
  • Train the leaders.
  • Be wise stewards of all your resources: money, personnel, energy, and effort.
  • Use varying strategies to bring this to your church.
    • Partner with another local church; start small, if necessary.
    • Consider starting local and then going “wider.”
    • Everybody goes on mission when the team goes.
  • Don’t shy away from funding, budgeted or not.
    • Have a way for members to give whatever their resources are (dollars, prayer, etc.)
    • Rethink fundraisers:
      • They can also be a bonding experience for your team before they depart.
      • Remember: God always shows up!
      • They are often an instrument of engagement for whole church to be involved.
    • Don’t duplicate already established ministries. Plug in!


Thought Starters:

  • What is one place you could be in mission in your local community?
  • Expand that thought—where might that grow in a larger circle?
  • What established ministry might your church partner with to accomplish your goal?


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