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This conversation outlines specific steps to follow that will help you create a pool of trained volunteers ready to move to the next level of responsibility.

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Introduction: After you establish a leadership pipeline, it’s time to start organizing training programs for those leaders.


  • A leadership pipeline is a framework for leadership development across every area of ministry; at every level of leadership.
  • The core aspect of a leadership pipeline is training. How will you move willing and capable people to a higher level of leadership?
  • Your training programs should be based on the learner profiles you developed as part of the leadership pipeline.
  • Building blocks of the training program:
    • Online videos
    • Online audio (with slideshow)
    • Online testing
    • Live discussion groups
    • Interviews
    • Reading
    • Live training
    • Guidebook
  • Start by working on one training program. Don’t worry about it being perfect—just get started.
  • Training does not require any financial resources. It does require time and discipline. Don’t push it to the back burner! Remember: work on your ministry instead of just in
  • You can only expect what you inspect.
    • Have a system that checks to see that people have learned what they needed to learn.
    • This shows value for the role and for the person.
    • Use a database system or Google spreadsheets to track progress.
  • Leadership development sometimes means training for roles that may not exist yet. You may be investing in people for future positions. Just think of that: a waiting list of people to serve!

Thought Starters:

  • If today you were to start a training program for volunteers in one of your ministry areas, which ministry would be your first choice?
  • Which training program building blocks do you think would best fit the people serving in that ministry program?



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