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Teaching Kids about Money

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Give parents fun ideas that will help their children manage God's gift of money.

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Introduction: Teaching kids about money is about more than just preventing money problems when they become adults. Churches can do more than just prevent these money woes. They can help parents disciple their children in having a Scripture-based view of money management.  


  • The biblical basis for teaching children about money is in Proverbs 22:6. We want to train our children how to handle money now so they won’t depart from these principles when they become adults.
  • Three money management principles from the Bible: Save wisely. Give generously. Live appropriately.
  • Kids can learn the same principles as adults can learn when it comes to money management.
  • What is God’s design for money? The Secret Slide Money Club book series answers this question with a focus on kids ages six to nine.
  • Church leaders can help parents teach their children about money at home.
    • One strategy is for parents to set up three jars (capsules) for their children: a gift capsule, a save capsule, and a live capsule
    • Parents help their children think of a goal for their save capsule.
    • Children work to earn money to put into their save capsule.
    • When the goal is met, parents take the children to get the item they were saving for. Parents should make it an exciting time!
  • The goal is to get children excited about giving, saving, and spending wisely.
  • Not sure where to start? Simply lay some money out on the on the table and start asking the children general questions about money. Then, bring it around to a biblical basis and what God desires for our money.

Thought Starters:

  • What money issues do you think are most prevalent among your churchgoers or in your community?
  • How could you implement a lesson about money in your children’s Sunday school classes? How could you get these children’s parents involved?


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