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How to Talk about Money at Church

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Why it's important to talk about money and what to consider when budgeting.

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Introduction: Money is a challenge and gift. It’s an issue that causes many struggles, whether you are blessed with much or little. How can churches communicate God’s design for money to their worshipers?


  • Many pastors do not feel comfortable talking about money in their church. There is a negative perception around church finances. Some people think, “Money is all churches want!”
  • Pastors don’t want to take advantage of the pulpit to ask for money. They want giving to be about the heart.
  • God talks about his design for money in Scripture. There are over 2,000 verses about money, possessions, and stewardship. God designed us with a direct tie between our finances and our hearts.
  • Pastors: Don’t just talk about money in a series; weave the topic throughout the entire year.
  • Talk about money especially if you’re talking about marriage.
  • People give more money to nonprofits than they give to the church. Research shows this is because nonprofits clearly talk about their mission. Does your church do this?
  • Talk about money at your church:
    • Know your mission and talk about it frequently!
    • Make sure the congregation is aware of the goals the church is going after.
    • Connect mission with generosity. Talk about mission right before offering. Use three steps:
      • Talk about the mission.
      • Tell a story that ties to the mission.
      • Tie the act of giving to the story.
    • The church budget is a blueprint for mission. It needs to change from year to year.
    • Everybody should be on board with the church budget, especially staff members. Not all ministries will get the same financial resources and some areas may have to sacrifice a portion of their budget so the church’s mission can advance.

Thought Starters:

  • Have you ever talked about finances during Sunday services? Why or why not?
  • In three sentences or less, explain the connection between your church’s finances and one of your church goals for 2020.


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