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When Churchworkers Need More Income

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A thoughtful conversation about when your paycheck just isn't enough.

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Introduction: You didn’t get into ministry to make money—you were called to it because of the passion and gifts God has given you. So, what do you do when ministry just isn’t paying the bills? You have options!


  • Balancing the budget: when you can’t cut expenses anymore, focus on increasing income.
  • Don’t leave your ministry role. (That’s the last option!)
  • Consider other opportunities to make money:
    • Pursue the “gig economy”—make additional income outside your day-to-day job.
    • Gigs result in an average of $8,000 of extra income per year.
  • There are two types of people searching for gigs:
    • Opportunity makers—starting your own business, high risk/high reward
    • Opportunity takers—plug into an existing platform (for example, being an Uber driver), immediate income
  • Try to find gig opportunities that feed into your ministry.
    • If you’re an Uber driver, pray with the people you’re driving for.
  • If you’re feeling discouraged with your finances . . .
    • remember your calling, your passion for ministry.
    • have an honest conversation regarding your salary with your church leaders.

Thought Starters:

  • Think about three of your biggest strengths in ministry. How might those assets be applied to a job in the gig economy?
  • Make a list of people you know who may have gig opportunities available.


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