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Equipping Christians for Outreach

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This conversation presents a thoughtful progression to grow the people in your congregation in the area of outreach.

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Introduction: Effective outreach doesn’t develop overnight. See how Pastor Adam Bowers has implemented a four-quadrant outreach program at his church.


There are four quadrants to this outreach approach:

1 – events

2 – outreach partners

3 – outreach teams

4 – missional living

  • The church’s goal is to facilitate the outreach God is putting on the hearts of their people.
  • Don’t dictate to people: “This is the program you should be involved in.” Rather, equip them to develop the gifts God has given them.
  • Missional living usually starts with an outreach event. Then, people move on to quadrants two and three, eventually transforming their outreach focus into missional living.
  • Many churches encourage their people to live their lives with a little bit of mission on the side. Flip that around and encourage your people to infuse mission into everything they do.
  • Habits may have changed over the past decade, but the needs of people have not changed. People are still longing for real personal relationships. This is part of outreach—bringing unchurched people into the family of God and showing them what a relationship with God and with fellow believers is really about.
  • Pastors, be the leaders in missional living! Make time to be open about your faith!

Thought Starters:

  • What does your church currently do to encourage outreach? How is it similar to or different from Pastor Bowers’ four-quadrant approach?
  • Grade yourself in missional living. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much “outreach” are you incorporating into your daily life?


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