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Hospital and Nursing Home Visits

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Practical guidelines for hospital and nursing home visits, equipping volunteers, and the broader opportunity of reaching others in the area as well.

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Introduction: Listen for quick tips for successful hospital visits, nursing home visits, and ways to train the congregation in caring for each other.

Summary: There have been changes over the years related to these visits:

  • Hospital visits: People are more likely to have outpatient procedures. If they are in the hospital, it’s usually not for very long. Call them at home the day before and pray with them. Let them know God cares for them through this time that might feel scary. Remind them of the peace they have in Christ.
    • Think about what would be meaningful to you.
    • Remember that people are different in what’s helpful to them.
    • Be conscious of the other people in the room (shared hospital room) and the opportunity to minister to them.
    • Keep in mind this emergency room advice:
      • Be there for family.
      • Be respectful of family.
      • Remember they might not yet know the things you do.
      • Respect their time.
    • Nursing home visits:
      • Speak loudly and clearly.
      • Put yourself in their place and be understanding.
      • Consider the individual’s situation.
      • Send greeting cards to help with loneliness.
      • Remind people that many people other than the pastor can make these visits.
      • Take these cues for talking points:
        • Pictures of family in the room
        • What they’re interested in
        • How God is using them to share Christ
      • Ways to train the congregation about caring for each other:
        • Remind them we are the body of Christ and called to take care of each other.
        • Use Bible class time.
        • Create a sheet that people can use with quick tips for them and Scripture verses they can share.

Thought Starters:

  • Which tips are especially meaningful to me?
  • How can I equip the people in our congregation to care for each other more intentionally?


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