Timely Tips

Spring Is Coming!

by Gail Marsh

Easter Preparation

  • Consider ways to make familiar Easter-season Bible readings fresh in the minds of worshipers. For example, read the text from a different translation than you usually use; act or pantomime a character’s portion of the biblical text; include readers who are positioned throughout your worship space; or include verses for the congregation to read in unison.
  • Use CTA’s This Is Love 6-Piece Family Activity Magnet to get families thinking about Christ’s sacrifice in the weeks leading up to Easter. Order one for every family with young children in your church and have them ready to hand out on March 6, Ash Wednesday.
  • Many people “give up” something during Lent. This year, why not encourage worshipers to add something? They could add ten minutes each day to email or call a shut-in and encourage that person in faith. They could add a few dollars to their drive-through bill by paying for the person next in line. They could add a daily walk through their neighborhood, praying for neighbors along the way. They could add a new Bible verse to their memory each week. Get the idea? Add your own suggestions to this list and publish it in your church bulletin or newsletter.
  • Choose a special focus for Bible study in the six weeks leading up to Easter. CTA’s Crucified. Glorified. prayer journal contains devotion prompts for the 40 days leading up to Easter. Give Bible study members these prayer journals and encourage them to take 15 minutes each day to be in God’s Word. Then, use CTA’s Crucified. Glorified. downloadable sermons and discussion questions to bring everybody together on Sunday morning.
  • Think about the many different ways you can invite people to your church’s celebration of Jesus’ resurrection this Easter. In addition to your own church website, post information on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. CTA has social media suggestions that make posting a snap! Don’t forget to run ads in the newspaper, on the radio station, and on other community forums. Invite church members to take several of CTA’s postcard invitations and mail or hand deliver them to co-workers, family members, and friends.
  • Hosting an Easter outreach event? Gather children to fill plastic eggs with candy, plus an invitation listing the details of your event and Easter Sunday service times. Challenge kids to give an egg to a neighbor or friend from school.

Spring Retreats

  • Want a new way to invite women to your spring retreat? Try this: Download CTA’s Living the Sweet Life water bottle labels. Customize the label with information about your retreat and place the labels on water bottles. Hand out the these “invitations” after church one Sunday. Encourage women to take an extra bottle of water to invite a friend to the retreat! (CTA also has water bottle labels for God’s Direction Is Always Best®for your men’s retreat!)
  • Haven’t tried hosting a men’s retreat? Need some good reasons to go for it? A retreat can help your men get to know other Christian men, something that’s often difficult to do when they are busy with work and family responsibilities. A retreat can also help men devote time to exploring God’s Word and focus on how it impacts them personally, at work and in their home environments. Make 2019 the year of the men’s retreat—CTA makes it easy for you! Check out the God’s Direction Is Always Best® event outline and the resources you need to make it happen.


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