Quick, Simple, and Fun! Christmastime Teambuilding

While most of your day is spent making Christmas preparations, remember to take time to enjoy the team God has given you. You might host a staff potluck, a Christmas party for volunteers, or a “white elephant” gift exchange. Whichever event you choose, plan 20 minutes or so for some team-orientated games and icebreakers. By getting to know your team better now, you will be able capitalize on one another’s strengths going into the New Year.

Option 1: Suddenly . . .
This simple activity can develop into a hilarious exercise, depending on the people involved. It requires no supplies and any number of people can play.

Ask everyone to sit in a circle. Then, one person begins a story with one sentence, ending the sentence with “SUDDENLY . . .” Then the person sitting on the speaker’s right picks up the story, adding a sentence and ending it with “SUDDENLY . . .” The story continues around the circle until everyone has had an opportunity to add a sentence. The person who began the story adds one sentence to end it.

A starter sentence might go something like this: “It was literally my first rodeo, and I had just gotten out of the car in the parking lot when SUDDENLY . . .” Or make it Christmas-themed by starting with: “I was up late last night, baking Christmas cookies for my daughter’s class, when SUDDENLY . . .”

As the activity winds down, read Psalm 91. Then pray a prayer like this:

Heavenly Father, you are Lord over all the “suddenlys” in our lives. Though we are often taken by surprise, you never are. And you promise to work in everything that happens to us for our ultimate good. Even in times of turmoil, help us to shine your light and show your love. We pray in the name of Jesus our Savior. Amen.

Option 2: Marooned!
This activity can be used with groups of any size and no materials or supplies are needed. Have everyone sit so they can all see each other. Then, in turn, ask each person to answer this question: If you were marooned on an iceberg for one week, which three people (living, historical, or fictional) would you want with you? Why?

As the activity winds down, read Psalm 139:1–10. The pray a prayer like this:

Lord Jesus, you are always with us. Nothing can separate us from you and your love. Your mercies are new each morning and the forgiveness that flows from your cross has removed each and every one of our sins. Thank you for your ever-present help - and your ever-present help to those we serve in (name your church or organization)! Teach all of us to treasure your friendship more and more fully as we continue to shine your light and show your love. We pray in your name, Lord Jesus. Amen.


Adapted from Shining His Light, Showing His Love Ideas to Help Bring Your Team Together.


You are welcome to copy this article for one-time use when you include this credit line and receive no monetary benefit from it: © 2018 CTA, Inc. Used with permission.

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