Precious and Dearly Loved Retreat Outline

Precious and Dearly Loved Retreat Outline


Retreat Planning Guide designed around the Precious and Dearly Loved theme can save you planning time and bring you new ideas. This guide will help you plan a simple, two-day retreat for women's groups in your congregation or Christian organization. While intended for groups of from 5 to 35 participants, the material can be adapted for larger or smaller groups. These materials assume a schedule of Friday evening through Saturday afternoon. By adjusting the schedule a bit, you may shorten or lengthen the retreat to meet the needs of your group. See the full line of themed downloads and printables.


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I find this a great guide and intent to use it for our upcoming Ladies Retreat. My only problem is that we are not given blank forms in which we could adjust/customise to our own local situation. I would love to get some stationery that I could customise.

Owner Response: Thank you for your feedback. We're delighted that your group will benefit from this free resource. You may want to look at the bulletin cover file, as there is a space on there to be customized and it can be used in many different ways.


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