Plan a Faith-Building Mother's Day Celebration!

by Kristin Schultz

As you look out into your church this Sunday, you’re sure to see women in many different situations. Some women may be new college graduates. Others may be first-time moms. Some women may struggle with infertility. Some may be experiencing the loss of a mother, sister, or child. Maybe there is a mother who is estranged from her children or whose children are facing hardships.

On May 12, we will celebrate Mother’s Day. It is a chance to praise God for the gift that mothers are to us and to celebrate the gift of motherhood that God so graciously gives. It’s also an opportunity to encourage all women in all situations to grow in their faith.

In seasons of joy and in seasons of hurt, women need to hear the message of God’s love for them in Jesus. God knows that there are no perfect women, flawless wives, or picture-perfect mothers. But through the death and resurrection of our Savior, they are God’s beloved daughters—today and every day!

Mother’s Day presents the perfect opportunity to deliver this faith-affirming message. Encourage your greeters to pay special attention to women. Focus on Jesus’ love for mothers in your worship services. Ask Sunday school classes to decorate cards for your women using Scripture verses. Plan an event to commemorate the special work the women of your church do in Jesus’ name. Show mothers and all women how much you love them and, more important than that, how much God loves them! 

CTA is proud to help your ministry celebrate mothers and other women of faith this Mother’s Day. This year, you’ll see two brand-new themes for Mother’s Day: Whispers of God’s Love and Abundant Grace. Each theme honors women as a unique and valuable part of God’s creation. The gifts in these themes have been specially designed to encourage women, no matter where they are in life, and to rely on their heavenly Father’s grace in Jesus.

You can help the women in your ministry deepen their faith with the Whispers of God’s Love devotion book. With five weeks of devotions, women can use this book to soak up God’s endless love. Each week focuses on a title that God bestows on women: daughter, bride, beloved, creation, and friend. To make gifting easy for your church, CTA offers a Wrapped and Ready® gift—the Whispers of God’s Love softcover devotion and pen set. It comes prepackaged in a clear bag with a sliver bow—no extra work needed!

If you’d like to encourage the women in your church to start journaling, the Abundant Grace guided prayer journal is the perfect Mother’s Day gift! The journal provides devotional thoughts and prayer prompts, plus space for writing each day. It’s a great way for women to slow down and experience God’s peace amid the ever-increasing stress and busyness of daily life. This theme also offers a Wrapped and Ready® option—the prayer journal and pen set.

Consider giving each woman in your ministry a gift after worship services, at the end of a women’s retreat, or after a weekly Bible study. Be a blessing to all the women who are a blessing to your ministry!


You are welcome to copy this article for one-time use when you include this credit line and receive no monetary benefit from it: © 2019 CTA, Inc. Used with permission.


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