Hosting a KidMin Easter Event?

Take advantage of CTA’s send-home gifts

by Sandy Budde

Easter is a time for celebrations. The springtime weather, the blooming flowers, the animals coming out of hibernation, and, of course, Resurrection Day! With the joy and hope of Easter in our hearts, we can’t help but celebrate. And we want kids to feel that same hope and joy in their hearts. With CTA’s gifts and resources, children’s ministry programs are making sure that kids feel this Easter excitement, too!

For the past seven years, Ray of Hope Church in Comanche, Oklahoma, has been using CTA’s products at their kids’ Easter events. Office Director Melonie Fisher especially likes The Very Best Morning Easter book and goodie bag. “The matching book and goodie bag are always colorful and eye-catching,” said Melonie. “The companion products, including bracelets and crafts, are a great addition and help the kids learn while having fun. We are proud to send these quality Christian products home with our kids!”

Ino Baptist Church in Kinston, Alabama, really focuses on the message at their annual children’s Easter celebration. Last year’s lesson focused on the theme of a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. To emphasize the message, they gave each child a gift from CTA’s New Life in Jesus theme. Children’s Ministry Director Yana Wyatt said, “The caterpillar and butterfly images helped represent our transformation as sinners entering into a new life in Jesus. This was a creative way to teach the children how they receive the gift of new life through Jesus' transformation from death to life again.”

Good News Church in Omaha, Nebraska, serves more than 450 kids through their kidmin programs. At Easter and all year-round, their mission is at the forefront of their ministry: to engage children with fun learning about Jesus in an environment that is both age-appropriate and secure.

Kids’ Pastor Miki Graff loves CTA’s resources. “We carefully select send-home gifts based on our themes with the hope they will engage families in a spiritual conversation,” said Miki. “We know these items don’t end up in the trash or on the ground.”

Miki and other kidmin workers at Good News Church even go as far as creating their own lessons each week. “We create curriculum to correspond with the themes of our adult worship services, but they are provided in an age-appropriate context,” said Miki. For example, last year they developed a custom 8-week curriculum called LEGO Life aimed at building a foundation of faith for kids in their elementary school program, Up Kids. “We gave the kids the jumbo Easter eggs from CTA that were filled with building blocks,” said Miki. “They built crosses from the building blocks and it was a perfect fit for our curriculum.”

These CTA customers have captured the wonderful excitement of Resurrection Sunday - have you planned your celebration yet? Check out all of CTA’s Easter gifts and resources at or call 800-999-1874 if you’d like to speak with a customer service representative.

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