Timely Tips

Honor volunteers, teachers, moms, and more!

by Gail Marsh

Volunteer Appreciation Week (April 7–13)

  • April is the perfect time to surprise a volunteer or staff member with flowers. No, not in a vase - in a packet. Order a seed packet from CTA with a personalized note of thanks. For example, “Thanks for ‘blooming where you are planted’ in our ministry!” Hand out the seed packets to volunteers after worship services on April 7.
  • Invite children in your Sunday school classes to make simple craft-stick flowers by gluing construction paper flowers to the top of craft sticks. Have older children or adults print the names of teachers on the flower “stems” and then place “bouquets” of flowers in your church’s entryway. Invite worshipers to take a flower (or two or three) and pray for the teacher who is named on the stem. Invite these prayer warriors to also write cards of encouragement or gratitude and hand them out to teachers the following Sunday, along with the Thank You for Planting Seeds of Faith plantable seed cross and bookmark.
  • As volunteers step forward to serve, they often receive keys to buildings or rooms at church. This year, hand out the keys already attached to one of CTA’s Thank You for Your Heart of Service key chains. Each time volunteers open a door, they’ll be encouraged and reminded of the reasons why they serve!

Easter (Sunday, April 21)

  • Give every worshiper one of CTA’s Crucified. Glorified.flip books this Easter season. The Scripture verses, prayers, and thought-provoking ideas will help everyone prepare to celebrate both the sacrifice and victory of our Savior, Jesus. This small book can easily slip into a purse, sit upright on a desk at work, or even perch on a windowsill as it serves to remind its readers of all Christ has done for us.
  • What is impactful and memorable? An Easter theme! The weeks leading up to Easter are the perfect time to promote a spiritual theme throughout your church. CTA has everything you’ll need: eye-catching visuals, sermon outlines, PowerPoint slides, themed bulletin covers, and more! Best of all - you can download them immediately! Check out all the materials for Crucified. Glorified. and get started today!
  • It’s a fact! More people attend church on Easter than any other day of the year. That’s good incentive to make your celebration of Christ’s resurrection as impactful as possible. Consider singing several powerful Easter hymns in succession as the service begins. Or, have the choir or worship team introduce a new and celebratory song to mark the event. Perhaps children can open the service as they joyfully parade into the sanctuary, each carrying an Easter banner they’ve made. Hang banners all around the church for a festive feel. Or, distribute colorful ribbons to all worshipers as they enter church on Easter. Whenever the word hallelujah is spoken, encourage all in attendance to wave their ribbons.
  • Easter comes late this year. With that in mind, now is the time to schedule late-spring meetings because they’ll come right on the heels of your Easter celebrations. Tuck the meeting information inside plastic eggs, hand deliver the eggs to event leaders, and say: “You’re egg-actly the person we need! I hope you can come!” Or, place the prepared egg into the recipient’s mail slot at church.

Staff Retreat

  • Check out one of CTA’s newest product lines! One Purpose is designed to bring your ministry teams together in service. There are a variety of useful gifts in the theme and a step-by-step retreat planning guide, too. With this resource, you’ll get tips and tools for planning all the details of your ministry retreat - leader notes, participant handouts, and a worksheet aimed at goal setting for life-changing ministry. Download this valuable resource today!

National Day of Prayer (Thursday, May 2)

  • Not everyone can attend a prayer event on the National Day of Prayer, so why not encourage your members to take prayer into their workplaces? Check out the National Day of Prayer website for more information.
  • The theme for this year’s National Day of Prayer is “Love One Another” based on John 13:34. Sponsor a t-shirt design contest for your junior-high and high-school students this year. Use your winning design to create a t-shirt through Custom Connections and order a batch of t-shirts in time for this year’s event.

Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 12)

  • What mom wouldn’t love a spa weekend? CTA’s new women’s retreat Renew. Restore. Refresh. is the perfect way to honor moms and all of the women in your church. CTA offers a leader’s retreat planning guide, a participant workbook, and several spa-themed gifts for women! Plan to host your retreat one weekend before Mother’s Day.
  • Take a fresh look at the children’s spaces in your church facility. Are these safe, kid-friendly places? How might you make each space a bit better? Talk to moms who use these kid spaces and gather suggestions. Try to implement as many suggestions as possible to honor the moms who entrust their children to your care!
  • Set up a basket for a free-will offering at your Mother’s Day worship services and plan to donate the money to a community service group that serves moms in need or helps elderly or disabled women. Along with the donation, be sure to include personal notes of encouragement from women in your congregation. Follow up with the group to see if volunteers are needed. Perhaps this offering will jumpstart an ongoing ministry!

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