Gospel-Packed Fall Festival Goodie Bags

Author Alison Zeller

For kids, fall festivals are all about the games, the food, and the fun goodies they get to take home! How will you be packing goodie bags for your fall festival this year?

Goodie Bags with the Gospel Message
LaRae, from Bethany Baptist Church in Michigan, has used CTA’s fall festival goodie bags for the past few years. “We just love the bright, eye-catching artwork and the clear Gospel message,” she said. “[We like to have] bags like this with the emphasis on Scripture and the story of God’s love.”

CTA customer Phyllis was also very excited to use Gospel-focused goodie bags at her church’s fall festival. “Since our church is always interested in getting the Gospel to as many people as possible, it makes perfect sense for us to choose to use this bag for our community fall fest,” she said.

Gospel That Glows in the Dark
Hundreds of CTA customers pack their fall festival goodie bags with the one thing that kids absolutely love - glow-in-the-dark gifts!

Debbie Meyer of California wanted to help the kids at her church feel safe and secure, so she handed out CTA’s glow-in-the-dark cross-shaped necklaces. “Many children are afraid of the dark,” she said. “For them, wearing this to bed or hanging it by their bedside is a great reminder that Jesus is near.”

CTA customer Loree was glad to order glow-in-the-dark dog tag necklaces for the children that attended her church’s “Lights Out” event. The dog tag features the words of 1 John 1:5: “God is light, and in him is no darkness at all” (KJV). “It is an excellent product for the price,” Loree said.

Plus, Loree integrated the light theme into her children’s ministry lesson the Sunday following the event. “Our object lesson was ‘Jesus is the light of the world’ and we talked about how we can be a light for Jesus. These necklaces enhanced the lesson. Kids were still wearing them a week later!”

Ready-to-Go Gospel
Tonya from Georgia couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw CTA’s fall festival value packs - ready-to-go kits that include a goodie bag, craft, and activity book. “I was actually shocked at the price and product,” she said. “I got tons of these amazing gifts for my preschoolers and they were a hit. You can actually put the items in the bag and then add some extra treats like candy. I will definitely be buying much more!”

So how will you pack your fall festival goodie bags? With plenty of Gospel-filled gifts, of course! Hopefully you can use some of these great ideas from CTA customers, and if you’d like to browse through more of CTA’s fall festival gifts and resources, visit www.CTAinc.com today!


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