Give a Gift They'll Cherish for Years to Come

The Ornaments of Faith® tradition continues this Christmas season

by Alison Zeller

How many years have you served in ministry? And, how many years have you struggled to get the perfect Christmas gifts for your co-workers, volunteers, and worshippers? All of them?! We thought so.

The struggle ends this year! Forget about buying candles, baking cookies, or handing out generic gift cards. You want a Christmas gift that’s easy to give and budget-friendly. You want a memorable gift that will stand the test of time. You want something that will celebrate our Savior’s birth. You want Ornaments of Faith®!

This year, CTA is offering a great variety of Ornaments of Faith® - there really is an ornament for everyone on your Christmas list! So many CTA customers have made Ornaments of Faith® a cherished tradition in their ministry. See what they have to say!

For Worshippers
CTA customer Cheryl purchased the Joy to the World ornaments last year and handed them out to each family at her church. She also took advantage of the imprintable gift tag that came with the Ornament of Faith®. “The imprinted tags are a really nice personal touch,” she said. “We are always pleased with the items we order from CTA. Good quality, friendly service, and very fast shipping!”

CTA’s Glory to the Newborn King ornament is also very popular. The pewter-finished ornament features an angel proclaiming Christ’s birth. CTA customer Joanne Howard bought several of these Ornaments of Faith® for a very special purpose: decorating her church’s memorial tree. “I glued a paper with the loved one's name being remembered behind angel's wings. It looked wonderful. Then, the loved one's relative got the ornament after Christmas.”

For Youth
CTA customer Tara has created a wonderful Christmas tradition with the Ornaments of Faith®. She explains, “These are beautiful keepsake ornaments! I order these every year as gifts for our students in the faith formation program. By the time they leave the program, they have a beautiful set of Ornaments of Faith®!”

For Music Ministry
Did you know that CTA has Ornaments of Faith® with musical themes? They are the perfect gift for those serving in your music ministry!

CTA customer Barbe’s music ministry is called the “Joybelles Praise Choir.” As a gift for her members, she ordered CTA’s Joy to the World ornament last year. “The ornament was perfectly fitting for our group's name as we minister with song and Scripture to local senior care facilities.”

Another CTA customer made Ornaments of Faith® part of a Christmas surprise. Beth wanted to thank her choir members for all the work they had put in for their Christmas Cantata. “The choir members found the ornaments on their chairs before the dress rehearsal. They loved it! The ornaments encouraged the singers and served as a reminder of the real reason we work so hard to prepare a Christmas Cantata.”

Don’t forget - CTA also offers an attractive gift box for your Ornaments of Faith®!

You can find all of the Ornaments of Faith® and a variety of other meaningful Christmas gifts at



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