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Listen! Can the women in your church hear it?

God is speaking. He’s speaking words of life and love over us, but the busyness of our lives and the fears of our hearts so often deafen us to his truth. Bring your women back to a place of peaceful silence with CTA’s latest FREE, downloadable retreat: Whispers of God’s Love.

In the retreat outline, you’ll find five Bible study sessions that will remind women to pause, to be still, and to listen for God’s Word of promise through Jesus. In addition to Bible study handouts, you’ll find dozens of pages of helpful tips for retreat planning, like how to

  • gather a planning team;
  • delegate responsibilities;
  • arrange your retreat schedule;
  • plan icebreakers; and
  • organize time for fun and relaxation.

This retreat has been specially designed for five to 35 participants, but CTA has made it easy to adjust the program to meet the time and space needs of your group.

This spring, encourage the women in your church to tune out the world and tune in to God’s Word. Invite them to listen carefully and be surrounded by the tender whispers of their Creator. Start planning your retreat today!

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