Dive into a Bible Adventure This Summer!

Take children on a Bible adventure with this month’s free, downloadable event guide Dive into God’s Word!

With this event outline, you’ll get all of the details and tips you need to plan a one-hour event for kids. You’ll see how to engage kids with games, snacks, crafts, and—of course—lots of Bible time. Children will learn how God guides us with his Word and how his Word shows us our Savior. They’ll use God’s Word throughout the event and see that we need God’s Word on every adventure in life! 

The event is specially designed for kids 3 to 11 years old, but it can easily be adapted to fit your group’s needs and setting. Consider using the event in these ways:

  • Offer a parents’ night out. While mom and dad go out for a night alone, the kids are learning about Jesus.
  • Use this event for a 5th Sunday lesson or as an extra VBS session.
  • Plan an outing for families to a local park and incorporate the event outline into an afternoon of fun and fellowship.

God’s blessings as you and the children you serve dive into God’s Word this summer!


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