Coming Together

How to connect worshippers to the community of faith and the community outside the church doors

Author Alison Zeller

How do you grow a church?

That’s a loaded question, isn’t it? You might be looking to put more people in the pews on Sunday morning. You might be looking to offer more outreach in your neighborhood. You may even be considering opening a second location. Or, you may simply want to grow the faith of your worshippers.

No matter what your specific goal is in growing your church, you will need community to achieve that goal. Engaging the people in the church community and then engaging those believers in service to the greater community has been God’s plan for the Church all along. (See Acts 2:42–47.) To believe is to belong to the family of faith, and to belong is to be intentional about sharing Jesus’ limitless love with each other and with the people around us.

CTA wants your church family to grow as a true community - worshipping, encouraging, loving, and serving together. That’s why CTA is now offering the five-week experience Created for Community. In this theme, you’ll find the practical tools you need to engage the people of your congregation, tools designed to help everyone recognize and live out his or her place in the community of Christian believers.

With Created for Community, your group will connect while studying the peace Jesus offers, the care God provides, and the mercy our heavenly Father pours out to us. And, going even deeper, participants will intentionally look for ways to share this peace, love, and mercy with the community around them.

The Created for Community resources are totally flexible, designed to work for churches of all sizes. You may choose to engage every church family and read the devotion book together. Or, you may find the resources better suited for a smaller scale, like within your staff or a specific volunteer team.

Be sure to start with the Pastor’s Planning Pack. This set of resources is the best value. You’ll receive the Created for Community

  • devotion book;
  • magnet;
  • digital teaching tools, including sermon outlines, discussion pages, and PowerPoint slides; and
  • digital promotional tools, including art files to use on your website and social media pages, a customizable flyer, and a printable bulletin cover.

If you want your church to grow - into deeper relationships with Jesus, into deeper relationships with each other, into deeper relationships with the world around us - you need community. And Created for Community is the exact resource you need to start building your community of faith today.

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