Sneak Peek! Hope in Times of Change

Sneak Peek! Hope in Times of Change

The new year is almost here and every one of us is bound to face some type of change this year. Marriage. Divorce. The birth or adoption of a child. Illness. A new job. Death.

We may not know exactly what’s in store for us in 2017, but one thing is certain: God will accompany us through each and every change! That’s the faith-affirming message in CTA’s new care ministries book, Hope in Times of Change.

Author Rev. Tim Wesemann draws upon the abounding hope God promises us in Romans 15:13. He addresses many of life’s transitions - the good and the bad - with engaging devotions that will inspire hope in readers of all ages. Each devotion is followed by selected Bible verses and prayers. Look for these chapters:

  1. A New Chapter 
  2. It Takes Time
  3. Look Back, Move Forward
  4. Expect the Unexpected
  5. Learning from Others
  6. You Are Not Alone
  7. Faith Transitions
  8. Pray it Forward

Hope in Times of Change is the perfect addition to your care ministries resource list. Provide a copy for each of your ministry team members to read during visits or stock your office with copies to share with anyone who needs an extra boost of hope as they move forward through life.
Hope in Times of Change will be available for order on January 6 at

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