4 Opportunities to Ramp Up the Energy at Your Spring Events

A guest speaker can breathe new life into your traditional spring events

by Alison Zeller

Spring is coming - what events are you planning?

You probably have a few traditional, time-tested events that you host every spring. While some church members may look forward to the same event each year, adding in something new could reenergize your members, draw a bigger crowd, and give your old event a new feel.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to invite a guest speaker. It’s as simple as finding the guest speaker and blocking time at the event for that person to speak. You don’t need to buy additional supplies or recruit new volunteers - a guest speaker fits perfectly into your event!

This spring, invite a guest speaker to your . . .

Women’s retreat

CTA is offering a brand-new retreat this year: Renew. Restore. Refresh.This spa theme lends itself to a variety of guest speakers: a woman who renewed her life once she became a believer; a Christian counselor who can speak to restoring broken relationships; or a nutritionist who can teach women how to refresh their bodies through healthy food.

Leadership retreat

If your church staff or board of directors is tackling some lofty goals in the coming years, a leadership speaker could inspire and energize your team. Look for a motivating speaker who can speak to the specific challenges your church is facing. Consider a speaker who addresses teamwork, goal setting, or church growth.

Easter events

Broaden your thinking of “guest speakers” when planning your children’s Easter programs. Invite a Christian puppet group to do an Easter show at your egg hunt or a local drama group to do a kid-friendly Easter play. For adults, invite a local biblical teacher or professor to host a resurrection question-and-answer session. Or, consider hosting a dramatic speaker at Good Friday or Easter sunrise services.

Evangelism kickoff

If your church is kicking off a spring evangelism push, think about inviting a missionary to speak at your first meeting. Some missionaries may be able to speak in person, but you could also use web conferencing to connect with the missionary in the field. Consider a speaker who will host a mini workshop on evangelism, too.

As guests, your church will want to welcome these speakers as partners in Christ. Think through the logistics of hospitality (lodging, meals, and the like) well before your event. Put together a small welcome bag and a thank-you gift for each speaker, too. Look to CTA to find value-priced gifts for all types of speakers. You’ll find ceramic mugs, inspirational devotion books, pen and bookmark gift sets, and gift bags to wrap up everything together.


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