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Yay, You!

CTA - Christ to All /Sep. 27, 2020
Yay, You!

By Kristin and Matthew Schultz

Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing (1 Thessalonians 5:11 ESV).

Think about any award show you’ve seen. What do all the winners do? They get up on stage and thank all the people who have helped them achieve what they’ve achieved, those who have supported them in their professional journey. Almost without exception, every winner thanks his or her family—mom, dad, husband, wife, children, and siblings. Award winners make sure everyone knows, they didn’t get to the top of their field all by themselves.

As members of a family, we get to encourage one another in attaining life goals. Even more important than that, we get to encourage each other to grow in love for and knowledge of Christ!

As parents, we spend many hours supporting our children as they explore who God has created them to be. We buy poster board so they can create a presentation. We sit on the sidelines in cold rain to cheer on their soccer team. We counsel them through breakups. As spouses, we listen to each other vent about frustrations at work. We work out together to support one another’s physical well-being. We express our love and appreciation in all kinds of ways.

God calls us to encourage each other spiritually, as well. As parents we get to talk to our children about Jesus and what he has done for them. As a spouses, we study Scripture and pray together. We worship together and do devotions together as a family.

We often fall short in the effort to encourage one another in faith. After all, it’s nice to sleep in and go to brunch on Sunday. We can always go to church next week. Or after a long day, it’s tempting to skip praying with our spouse. God knows we’re tired.

But it is in these moments we need to remember our greatest responsibility to our family is not making sure the kids get into college or that our spouse gets that promotion. As children of God and members of his family, our greatest responsibility is to build one another up spiritually, to safeguard the faith life of every family member.

The good news is that God did not leave us, his children, to figure this out on our own. In Jesus, he forgives our neglect. He gives us his Word so that we can learn more about who he is and what he does for us every day.

So keep it up! Cheer each other on in faith every day. Your encouragement makes an eternal difference!

Editor’s note: Today’s devotion is slightly adapted from one of CTA’s new books, Real-Life Encouragement for Families.

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