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Word Power

CTA - Christ to All /Jun. 18, 2019
Word Power

By Gail Marsh

Can you identify the company or products represented by the following mottos? Give it a try!

  • It’s finger lickin’ good!
  • The quicker picker upper
  • Because you’re worth it
  • Eat fresh! 

If you guessed Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Bounty paper towels, L’Oreal hair products, and Subway sandwich shops, you’re absolutely correct!

Why do companies use mottos, taglines, or themes? Because they are so effective! Slogans work. They help connect a product or service to the intended user. A few well-selected words don’t just identify a product; an effective tagline or theme will stick in people’s minds. They’ll remember it!

Themes, slogans, mottos, and taglines can also promote your church and its mission! Just a few words can identify who you are as a congregation. A short statement can remind your church family about their mission. A carefully selected motto or theme can set a direction for ministry and encourage everyone who strives for the ministry’s success. Words have power! That’s why most organizations (including churches) have mission statements. It’s why many church families are using the power of words to promote a yearly theme.

How about you? Do you use word power to your advantage, to help advance your mission’s goals? Consider formulating a theme for the coming church year. Brainstorm with leaders of your various ministry teams to come up with a few words, carefully selected, to help your faith family focus on who they are and what they intend to do, with the power of God working through them.

CTA is here to support you! Once you’ve chosen your theme for the year, CTA’s Custom Connections can print it on everything from t-shirts to tote bags, pencils to purses! By keeping your theme in plain sight—always within view—people will recognize and remember it.

Want to learn more? Visit Custom Connections online. You’ll see a huge selection of items that can feature your yearly theme. Which will you choose?

You are welcome to copy this article for one-time use when you include this credit line and receive no monetary benefit from it: © 2019 CTA, Inc. Used with permission.