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Where God Is Seen - Free Devotion

CTA - Christ to All /Oct. 13, 2019
Where God Is Seen - Free Devotion

By Jeff Cloeter

In [Christ] you also are being built together into a dwelling place for God by the Spirit (Ephesians 2:22 ESV).


God is not found in the most stunning cathedrals in the world. You won’t find him at St. Peter’s in the Vatican or Notre Dame in Paris. He is not found on the heights of Mt. Everest, close as it is to the heavens. You won’t see him via telescope in the Milky Way or in distant galaxies. You will not discover him in a genome sequence under a microscope. The high and holy place where God has chosen to be found on earth is in you.

Those who are in Christ bear his very image. Together they become the very presence of God on earth. You and all the believers around you are the temple. You are the place where your community will see God. You are the place where the world will experience the love and forgiveness of their Savior.

Are you humbled by this monumental statement? You should be. It doesn’t diminish your weakness and failures. It’s not by your own effort that you have become the temple of God. Instead, he has built you to be his dwelling place “by the Spirit” (Ephesians 2:22 ESV). We are a product of supernatural construction, and we participate in a work already begun in us.

As those in Christ, let us not cease to gather and worship, to serve and witness. We are “being built together,” as Paul says in today’s verse. Together we are the visible manifestation of God’s work in the world. Where else would God be found but in his people? Where else will a desperate world see God’s master craftsmanship? Our very life together is a monument to God’s indescribable love.

Prayer: Spirit of the Living God, we’re not worthy to be a temple, yet you have taken up residence in us. May the world see your amazing grace at work in us. Use us to reveal your will and your work. Amen.

Editor’s note: Today’s devotion comes from one of CTA’s latest resources, Together: Living as Christ's Church. This devotion book and digital teaching tools come together to form a five-week experience that will encourage your worshipers to see how God is bringing everything in this world together. God sent Jesus for us, and he sends Jesus into the world through us, living as Christ’s Church!

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