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Listen to the Voice of Love

CTA - Christ to All /Dec. 18, 2018
Listen to the Voice of Love

By Kathryn Featherstone

Merry Christmas, friends!

During this busy ministry season, I want to invite you to be still for a moment.

When I think of Christmas, my heart is drawn again and again to John 1:14 (ESV), which says, “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” It is amazing that our God would come near to us and relate to us in this way!

There are many voices in our lives. Some come from within us. Some come from the people and the world around us. Christmastime is a season when these voices tend to speak loudly to those ministering and volunteering in the Church, telling us to put up high expectations and keep pushing on - even when it hurts. But, in Jesus, God came down to dwell among us as a human and invites us to draw near to him. God’s voice is love and he continually speaks love into our lives. So, which voices do we choose to listen to?

Fear is a voice we hear often. When you are still, what fear are you aware of in your heart? Maybe you fear what people think about you. Maybe you worry that you’ll never quite grasp perfect Christmas programming. Maybe you are afraid that you’ve tried to balance ministry and family life, but you made a mess of everything instead.

But as we hear the voice of fear, we also hear the voice of Love. As we do so, God gives us perspective on fear.

Take Mary, for example. Mary had much reason to fear! Clearly, she was afraid when the angel appeared to her. Through the angel, Love spoke to her,Do not be afraid. . . . For nothing will be impossible with God” (Luke 1:30, 37 ESV).

Surely inward and outward voices caused Mary to struggle with fear. Much was unknown in her life, and there was real reason for concern about what Joseph and other people would think of her. She would go through many fearful situations. But through it all, she had this promise from God.

Like Mary, we struggle with fear. Like Mary, Love speaks into our lives, speaking the sweet words of promise, Do not be afraid. . . . For nothing will be impossible with God.”

Listen to the voice of Love this Christmas season! The voice of Love invites you to remember who he is. He invites you to give your fears to him and to free yourself from their power. As you release your fears and receive his love, you will be enabled to share Jesus’ love with others.

What voices and fears have been vying for your attention this Christmas season?

Kathryn Featherstone is a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach and a board-certified Christian Life Coach. Get to know her more at

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