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Two Families - Free message for Father's Day

CTA - Christ to All /Jun. 03, 2019
Two Families - Free message for Father's Day

By Cherie Werner

Good Morning! I am so glad to see you today. Today is such a great day! We get to celebrate some pretty important people. What is special about today? (Allow time for volunteers to answer.) That’s right; it’s Father’s Day.

Dads are pretty special, aren’t they? They work really hard to take care of their children. What are some of the things your dad does for you? (Allow time for volunteers to answer.) Does your dad ever take you fun places? Or does he buy you things you need like food or clothes? Sure he does! Your dad loves you. He wants to protect you and provide for you.

What about me? Do you think that if I showed up at your door your dad would start taking care of me in the same way he takes care of you? Would he let me eat with you every night and sleep in your house? Would he buy clothes for me and help me with my homework? No? Well, why not? (Allow time for volunteers to answer.)

That’s right. I am not part of your family so your dad is not responsible for taking care of me. You are part of the family so your dad loves you and takes care of you.

Did you know that all of us are part of another family, too? We are part of God’s family! The Bible says that God is your Father. He is your heavenly Father. Let’s read a verse from the Bible about that.

See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are (1 John 3:1 ESV).

You get to be part of God’s family because of what Jesus did for you! All of us are sinners and our sins have separated us from God—he hates sin! But God loves us all so much that he sent Jesus to die on the cross and forgive our sins so that we could be part of God’s family again. Jesus’ death and resurrection brought us back into God’s family!

When you are part of God’s family, he takes care of you in special ways kind of like how your dad takes care of you at home. God provides everything you need. He protects you and he fills your heart with joy! Most importantly, he sent Jesus to forgive your sins!

God has given us fathers here on earth to help us learn more about him. God wants you to know how much he loves you so he has given you a dad or another special person on earth who loves you and takes care of you. God has given you a dad to help provide for you and protect you. God has also given you a dad to help you read the Bible, go to church, and learn about Jesus.

Unfortunately, sometimes your dad can’t do everything he wants to do for you. Sometimes dads make bad choices or lose their tempers or make mistakes. Just like you and me, our dads are sinners and they’re never perfect.

The best news is that your heavenly Father is the perfect Father. He will never fail you and you can always trust him to do what he promises to do. You can even trust him to help your dad when your dad makes a mistake or has trouble. Praise God, Jesus’ love and forgiveness are always there for dads!

Let’s Pray: Dear God, thank you for sending Jesus to forgive my sins and bring me into your family. I’m so glad that I have you as my perfect heavenly Father. Thank you for giving me my dad to help take care of me here on earth. Please help both of us to know you better and to trust you to give us what we need. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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