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Count Your Blessings - A Thanksgiving Activity for Families

CTA - Christ to All /Oct. 29, 2018
Count Your Blessings - A Thanksgiving Activity for Families

By Alison Zeller

The Sunday before Thanksgiving, plan to host a family Sunday school event. Ask the parents to stay with their children and begin with this activity:

As the families walk into your gathering area, hand each person a Count Your Blessings bookmark from CTA. Ask family members to sit together on the floor or at tables. If some families have only two or three members, ask that they join another family so that each group has at least four members.

When everyone is seated, read the poem on the bookmark, asking everyone to read it silently as you read it aloud. Then say, Let’s play the game we just read about. To do that, open the package with the candy corn you have received, but don’t eat any just yet. Help anyone in your group who needs help with this. Then, when you are ready, take turns in your group naming something for which you would like to thank God. Each time it’s your turn, mention a blessing - a small blessing or an enormous one. After you name a blessing, you may eat one of your candy corn kernels.

When the groups have finished, ask for everyone’s attention. Then wrap up by saying, God gives us so many, many wonderful blessings! If we had all the candy corn kernels in the world, we would run out before we had named all our blessings. Listen!

Open your Bible and read Philippians 4:19. Then add: The best blessing of all is the gift of Jesus, our Savior. Let’s thank God for that gift now.

Pray together:
Dear heavenly Father, you love us with such an amazing love. You give us so many wonderful blessings! But the best gift of all is the gift of our Savior, Jesus. Thank you that, because of Jesus, you forgive every one of our sins. Now we ask you to give us one more blessing, Lord - the gift of thankful hearts. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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