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Celebration Station - FREE Kids' Devotion

CTA - Christ to All /Nov. 11, 2019
Celebration Station - FREE Kids' Devotion

For today’s devotion, you will need a Celebration Station craft kit for each child.

I’d like to share something special with you!

But first, what does it mean to share? (Let a volunteer or two comment.) Yes, if you have something wonderful, you let others enjoy it with you. That’s sharing! What kinds of things do we sometimes share? (Again, let volunteers comment.) Right! You may share part of your cookie or share a book with someone. Why do we share? (Take one or two comments from the group.) We share because we want others to enjoy the good things we have!

I’m not going to share a cookie or a book with you. What I’m going to share is so much better than that. In fact, what I’m about to share with you is the best news in the whole world! I hope that once I’ve shared it with you, you’ll share this good news with others, too! I even have something that will help you remember and share! (Pass out the Celebration Station craft kit, #CST19KT.)

The exciting news I’d like to share is this: Jesus, our Savior, was born on the very first Christmas! Can you find the red letter “J” in your craft kit? The letter J is the first letter in the name Jesus. We celebrate the birth of Jesus every year at Christmastime, because Jesus came to be the Savior of the world! The word Savior means “the one who rescues or saves.” Jesus saves us from being punished for our sins—the wrong and unloving things we do. Jesus came to take sin’s punishment in our place. Because of Jesus, God forgives us. Because of Jesus we will live in heaven one day. The letter J reminds us of Jesus and all of the joy his love gives!

Turn the “J” upside down like this. (Demonstrate.) You should find some plain white pieces in your craft kit. Carefully stick each white piece onto the “J” to make a candy cane. Like this. (Demonstrate.) Candy canes are so sweet—just like Jesus’ love! Jesus loves (mention a child’s name) and (keep on naming each child and helper in the group, including yourself). Jesus’ love is so sweet!

Look in your kit to find the picture of a baby—baby Jesus. Place this sticker near the bottom of your candy cane like this. (Demonstrate.) Jesus wasn’t born in a spectacular castle or a fancy palace. No, our Savior—Jesus, the powerful Son of God—was born in a simple barn, a place where animals lived. Mary, Jesus’ mother, placed baby Jesus into a little manger for his bed. 

That same night, when Jesus was born, some shepherds were taking care of their sheep outside the town of Bethlehem. Look in your craft kit and find some sheep and a shepherd. Put these stickers on the candy cane like this. (Demonstrate.) God, our heavenly Father, wanted to share the good news about Jesus’ birth. The shepherds were the first ones to hear this joyful news.

It was a quiet, peaceful night for the shepherds. Suddenly, God’s special messenger, an angel, appeared in the sky. Find the angel in your craft kit. Place it on your project like this. (Demonstrate.) The shepherds were so surprised to see the angel. They were also very afraid! The angel said: “Don’t be afraid! I have happy news to share with you: Jesus, the Savior of the world, is born! You will find the Baby sleeping in a manger bed.”  All at once many, many angels filled the entire sky. The angels all sang a special song: “Glory to God in the highest!” Can you say those words with me? (Lead the children in repeating the words two or three times.)

When the angels disappeared into heaven, the shepherds excitedly ran to find the baby Jesus. They found the Savior, just as the angel had said. When the shepherds left the stable, they were so full of joy, they told everyone about the newborn Savior, Jesus. The shepherds shared the happy news: Jesus is born! The Savior has come! Rejoice!

Find the big star inside your craft kit. Place it on the candy cane like this. (Demonstrate.) See the words on the star? These are the happy words that the angel shared with the shepherds on the night Jesus was born. Can you read the words on this star with me?

I bring you good tidings of great joy (Luke 2:10 KJV).

The word tidings is another word for “news.” Let’s say the Bible words together as you put the final stickers on your project. Each time we say the angel’s words, put a small star sticker on your project. (Lead the children in doing so.)

When Jesus was born, angels shared the good news. Then, shepherds shared the joyful news of Jesus’ birth, too. Did you know that God also wants you to share the good news of Jesus’s birth? God wants you to share the wonderful news that Jesus came to save you so you can live with him forever. Jesus promises to be with you always. He will protect you, help you, and love you forever! Jesus will help you share the important story of his birth, too. You can use your project to help you remember the Christmas story and to share the good news: Jesus, the Savior is born!  

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