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Six Fall-Themed Devotions for Children

CTA - Christ to All /Oct. 12, 2022
Six Fall-Themed Devotions for Children

By CTA – Christ to All 

Now that the back-to-school fervor has subsided, fall festivals and Halloween are next in the lineup. Are you looking for five-minute devotions to use with your kids during this season? CTA has you covered! Check out these six quick devotions from our blog, and share Jesus with the children in your ministry: 

  1. The Pumpkin Prayer 
  1. Fearbusters 
  1. Be a Spark in the Dark 
  1. Jesus Brings S’more Joy 
  1. Jesus Is Nuts about Me 
  1. Whooo Are You? 

Editor’s note: CTA has a variety of items to help you focus on Jesus as you celebrate fall and Halloween with those in your ministry!